Hiring AYB

Need help to make your next event unique? Why not hire the Australian Youth Band or Drumline to add that something special to the occasion? AYB performs an array of musical styles in a variety of formats to cater for any audience.

What we do

Marching displays

The Australian Youth Band provides an American-style marching band experience. A marching display consists of the musicians playing popular and modern march charts whilst performing movements around an arena or similarly large area. To see the Australian Youth Band performing a display, visit https://youtu.be/0T9JdBOszhI

A symphonic performance program consists of a range of different musical styles, from popular tunes, symphonic works and march charts. If you want a professional, sit down concert band performance to cater for any audience, a symphonic concert with the Australian Youth Band will be sure to entertain.

The Australian Youth Band Drumline is a full American-style marching percussion ensemble that will add a dynamic impact to your event. The ensemble consists of marching snares, tenor drums, bass drums and cymbals. Performances have included alongside Keith Urban, performing on the Great Wall of China and as a part of the 2008 Olympic Orchestra.

The Australian Youth Band can perform as a standing/mobile ensemble to play marching pieces with the AYB Drumline. Musicians have a range of music that is memorised, however if you have something special that you would like the band to play, contact our Musical Director to enquire about potential musical arrangements.

Further information

For further information and to enquire about the availability of AYB, please contact us.