About Drumline

The AYB Drumline is an exciting ensemble that follows the traditions of the American-style drum corps and is complete with a snare line, bass line, tenor drums and cymbals. The Drumline performs predominantly with the AYB marching band, but also performs independently. Past Drumline performances have included corporate events, sporting events for Melbourne City FC and a feature in concert with Keith Urban.

Young drummers with at least 1-2 years playing experience are invited to join the dynamic AYB Drumline and learn some new and exciting drumming skills.


The AYB Drumline fosters the development of drumming technique through rudimental drills and technical drum cadences and prepares a repertoire of fun and challenging drumline charts which feature at the AYB Annual Concerts. The Drumline also works hard to memorise marching charts to add that distinctive drumline sound to the AYB marching band.

Drumline Director

Tim started learning drum kit and percussion in high school in 2010. He began his journey with AYB in 2011 when he joined JAYB. A year later, Tim started playing in drumline and was involved in the 2013 Shanghai Tour. Tim’s passion for learning and ambition to develop his musicianship has continued to flourish. He regularly attends drumline camps, takes a keen interest in drumline style music and even writes his own charts. Tim took over as drumline director in November of 2019.

Further Information

Rehearsal information

Wednesday 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Parkhill Primary School Recreation Hall Parkhill Drive, Ashwood, VIC, 3147

What to bring
A display folder for music and a pencil (drums and sticks provided)

How to join

After attending three rehearsals, drummers will be auditioned by the AYB Drumline Director. To pass the audition, each drummer will be required to demonstrate the following skills:

– Perform one piece of own choice
– Perform the AYB Drumline warm-up rudiments
– Perform an AYB Drumline marching chart and a part of an AYB Drumline feature piece.


Membership is available to musicians aged between 15-28 years. The AYB membership fee of $250 is due on 1 July each year. 

Keen to join Drumline?

If you are excited by the prospect of joining this electrifying ensemble, contact us today to organise a time to visit the Drumline.